Workout Mistakes Which Are Destroying Your Progress

Are you doing everything right and putting in hours at the gym and still not seeing the result you want. Let’s look at some common mistakes that may be holding you back and how to avoid them.

  • Bad form

Having a good posture not only helps you to avoid injury but also help you burn more fat. Researchers have found out that by standing up straight, you burn 50 more calories per 30 minutes as more of you muscles are utilized. Due to more muscles usage, there is more oxygen intake which helps in burning more calories.

  • Not enough sleep

Many studies show that not having enough sleep is correlated to obesity.Have not enough sleep will greatly affect your hormone level. Because of difference in hormone level, your appetite may increase greatly. Also when you sleep you allow your body to repair damaged muscles which you have torn while in exercise routine

  • Dehydration

Water is part of every cell of our body. That is why dehydration will have bad affect your exercise routine. Because of this, you will feel fatigued very fast, and you will feel your training routine to be much harder than it should. Recent studies at California University has shown that participants who had dehydration did three to five fewer reps per set then hydrated participants. That’s why drink as many fluids as you can before your workout.

  • Exercise that you don’t like

As you know, you would do an exercise daily and for a long period that you find enjoyable. You should find an exercise that is challenging so that you should find it fun and continue it for a long period of time. Picking an exercise that is not challenging and not enjoyable will make it impossible to maintain it for the long term.

  • Focusing on one body part

If you don’t lose enough fat from your body, your efforts are useless. You should do exercises that include the use of all body muscles like resistance training etc. so that you are left with enough caloric deficit to lose weight.

  • Not lifting heavy weight

Lifting heavy weight is the key in bulking up your muscles. But many of us don’t lift enough especially this thing is common in women. You should be lifting enough weights that you start getting fatigued after about 10 to 15 reps. If you are not fatigued with this many reps, then it’s time to increase weight.

  • Doing too much exercise

When considering about exercising too much by following an old saying “no pain no gain’’ remember that it should not be done. As this encourages you to do start over exercising which will seriously damage your muscles and also can cause injury. If you want to do exercise you should work on thumb rule of exercising for health: if you increase exercise frequency, you should try to decrease the frequency and vice versa.

These are some of the workout mistakes that you should not do if you want to improve your progress.